Polymorphic Nature - This explores the themes of increasing garment longevity and garment multifunctionality. Inspired by the natural world, focusing on the intricacies and shapes of shells. My outcome encourages consumers to think about the impact of mass consumption within fast fashion. The fabrics are designed and made with eco-conscious consideration. The media I use is a polyester fabric. I choose to work with this particular fabric as it is known for its strength and longevity; this increases the life of the garment simply through the use of the fabric. I use the media of sublimation printing. I choose this process as the fact that it uses heat means that it does not contaminate water and the paper can be reused. I manipulate fabrics through cording, which can shrink or expand fabrics, as well as distorting their shapes allowing the wearer to change their form and providing them with multifunctional purpose.